Calbuzz, Fox News and Authortarians

Just got done reading the Calbuzz article on “Why watching Fox news will, in fact, rot your brain” and this quote at the end popped out at me, from Walter Lippmann:

“It is only when we are in the habit of recognizing our opinions as a partial experience, seen through our stereotypes, that we become truly tolerant of an opponent. Without that habit, we believe in the absolutism of our own vision, and consequently in the treacherous character of all opposition.”

And he wrote that in 1922, before we ran into Carl Rove’s “say it enough times and it becomes true” strategy.  Read the full article, it’s pretty good.

Kind of ran home the concept of getting out of your comfort zone, traveling, talking to people who look, act, worship and dress different than you do. It comes up in many forms, from the kids at the local high school who “look” like thugs (but are AP students) to the buttoned down Baptist/Methodist/Presbyterian who attends church on a regular basis and votes Democrat, always.  Lots of different examples, insert your own here, because you just never know who you’re talking to…

If you believe that your world view is the only one and it’s always right, then there is not much we can do to make things better.  But when you acknowledge that perhaps, just one time, you might be wrong and the world will not come to an end, maybe there is still a chance to find common ground.

With regards from the couch, coughing up a lung or two…


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