My Triathlon training update

So, still need to sign up for it but I’m going to do the Fathers Day Sprint.  Kinda short but that’s fine.  400 yard swim, 8 mile bike and 2 mile run and then I’ll know if I want to do the longer one a month later.  But that might be the max because as I’ve been doing some training, I’m learning that my body is not really happy about this running stuff.  The swimming has been easier so far, what little I’ve done.

Which leads me to a discussion on newbie swimming.  Knowing that I have zero real experience in swimming over distance and that, compared to running (been doing that a while) and riding a bike (same), swimming has some techniques that can make you more efficient.  I’ve checked out the internets to learn more, as I’m that kind of guy, but now I kinda wished I would have done some competitive swimming.  Because…

When you show up at the gym at 5 freakin’ AM hoping that you’ll be the only person wanting to use one of the 3 (3!) lanes at the gym closest to my house and find all 3 lanes full, you’re not sure what to do.  Do I jump in and just follow along, knowing that I can’t do more than about 50m before I need to take a break?  Where does one take a break if stuck against the wall while the other dude in the same lane bears down on you?  And the dudes in the lane next to you are faster.

So I turned around and went home, got some coffee and went to work.  Came back that afternoon and got my swim on.

As for running, my IT bands got wacked pretty badly back in ’04 when I did the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon to raise money for Stroke victims.  And they still don’t like me for it.  Very, very tight legs, even after stretching.  But if one is intelligent (sometimes), one will listen to one’s body and take a day off.  Ta Da!  Much better.

Best part is I got about a 3 week jump on the training schedule so a day off here or there right now is ok.  Basically, I have an 11 week “Newbie Triathlete Training Plan” that the internets gave me and it really starts in 2 more weeks.

So, get off your butt and go tri (see that, right there?) something new.  Your body will thank you for it later.


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