The things you see on a bike…

Thought I’d give some of you out there (all 3 of you) a picture of what you see while out on a bike ride. Or at least what I’ve seen.

Animals: Cats, dogs, dogs that chase you (big and small), squirrels, lots of birds (hawks and owls are cool), turkeys, quail, raccoons (in the city), cows (dairy and otherwise), horses, etc.  The strangest was the racoon that I saw early one morning crossing Franklin Blvd. in South Sac.  Big guy, ran from left to right and climbed a fence as well as any cat. And just the other day I was out by the Stone Lake Wildlife area taking a break and watching ducks fly around when a goose came by and the size difference was similar to a big 747 landing alongside a Cessna.  These are BIG birds.

Dead things: mostly road kill of the rabbit, bird, skunk, dog, cat, rat, possum, snake, variety.  I think I saw a muskrat the other day too. Fortunately none of the human variety.

People:  all kinds, shapes, sizes.  Homeless guy at 5:45am walking around in the street with a cart piled high with cans; people holding signs; moms walking kids; kids walking to/from school (love this actually, better than getting picked up all the time); farmers running cattle through pens; UPS/FedEx guy; runners/walkers/bike riders; gym members getting a very early workout; coffee drinkers.  Lots and lots to see on a bike, as long as you’re paying attention to the road and cars too.

Smells: hmmm.  Let’s start with dairy smells.  When you’re in a car, it goes by fast.  On a bike, not so much.  And normally you have to go by twice, coming and going.  Campbells Soup has a plant in South Sac (closing soon) that would stink with tomato soup, which I can’t stand. Last week I’m pretty sure I got a contact high from all of the folks smoking pot in their cars on my way home. More than usual it seemed.  Fresh cut grass/hay/crops are great, the pollen in them not so much.

And the best:  Sunrise/sunsets if you’re so lucky to see them on a bike.  Add in a moon rise/set and it’s really pretty cool.

Have a great weekend ya’ll.


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