And So it Begins… 100 Miles of Nowhere Prologue!

Here we go, here we go, here we go go… go, on the Sickle Court Tasting Room and Grill 100 Miles of Nowhere.

A few months back I signed up for this fun fundraiser at the Fatcyclist website, benefiting Camp Kesem, a camp for kids who have parents with cancer.  Essentially, it’s a 100 mile bike ride, this weekend (or when you can fit it in) and you get to make up the  course as you see fit.  Some folks ride in a window on a trainer, some folks go in circles around their neighborhood and others do something else.  Here are some examples from the website:

*** Everyone who does the 100 Miles of Nowhere has done something ridiculously epic. There are some folks, though, who have truly raised this crazy event to an art form. Here are a few:

Read about how this works here.

I’m going to have to break this up into separate stages, in a manner very very similar different than the Tour De California/France/Italy.  We’re heading to Oceanside tomorrow for vacation, so today was the Prologue!, defined loosely as: “an early morning ride of about 16 miles done prior to the 100 degree temps that are decending upon Northern California out of flippin’ nowhere”.  You can see it here

Prologue strava

So, headed out this morning about 6:15, tried to use the Timelapse App on my phone to capture some of the outing but only got about a mile, stopped when I met up with my buddy Terre.  Off we went, down through the countryside, past the dairy, church we attend, some goats, future hamburger patties and some significant road kill.  A good start to the big race, nobody was injured and the Black Jersey was mine!  Terry tried to hang but since he bailed out early at his house, I won the Prologue!.  Mainly because I’m the only member of the Sickle Court Tasting Room and Grill Racing Team participating.

Arriving to the sounds of thousands of adoring  silence, I proceeded to immediately replenish the calories expended in the Prologue!  A few eggs wrapped in tortilla awesomeness and some coffee. Then the real work began.  Unfortunately, my support crew was still sleeping (hard to find good help these days) and when one awoke, he had baseball practice to get to.  The other one we let sleep, for the good of the earth.  I was therefore left to my own devices to find, assemble and install the support vehicle bike rack and luggage case.  And, once again, my masseuse was unavailable for a quick rub down. Is this how other professionals participants finish Day 1 of their personal 100 Miles of Nowhere?  Probably not.  Finished product here:


And thankfully, I was able to capture the moment of victory on my own podium of one:


Yes, that’s a flower (no bouquet available) and a lovely refreshment (Captain and Coke).  That’s how the Prologue! finished.  Tomorrow is a travel day and I’m looking forward to getting to Oceanside, finding a soft spot on the beach and praying that the 6 teens that are coming along with us provide the race support that I’m accustomed to,  hoping for.

Monday’s stage:  TBD but probably something like a run up to San Clemente through the Camp Pendleton Marine Base.  Dodging tanks…


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